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Sheriffs Deed (original): excerpt of deed directed and delivered to Ira W. Cory, Sheriff of Morris County N.J., signed on July 14, 1888. Alfred Mills, complainant.

Deed / Indenture (original): from Daniel H. Shellinger Jr. to William H. Seward, back of deed dated May 19, 1892. Handwritten in part. Received by the Clerk's Office in the County of Morris.

Deed / Indenture (original): from Alfred Mills to William H. Seward, back of deed dated July 25, 1888. Received in the Clerk's Office of the County of Morris. Handwritten in part.

Deed / Indenture (original): Handwritten notes from Philip Welsh to Hannah Cory, dated February 5, 1886.

Deed / Indenture (original): Philip Welsh of Chester Township to Hannah Cory, Back of deed dated August 26, 1864. Handwritten in part.

Deed / Indenture (original): Handwritten deed from S. Overton estate to C. Fairclo, dated February 25, 1833.

Sheriffs Deed: McFarlan v Hopping, 1820 writ. Original handwritten document tied with a yellow ribbon. Front and back view of deed, with back dated July 29, 1820. Writ of execution by Morris County Sheriff David Mills. Document consists of 5 pages…

Deed / Indenture (original): Robert Aikman and Mary G. Aikman to Alexander Reed and Stuart H. Reed. Back of deed dated May 25, 1894. Handwritten in part.

Deed / Indenture (original): Suzanne Faesch to Canfield / Losey. Back of deed dated May 20, 1807. First page of deed contains red wax seal over ribbon. First and last pages only for view. Handwritten document.

Deed / Indenture (original): Helen Reed (widow) to William H. Seward, back of deed dated April 5, 1904. Received in the Clerks Office of the County of Morris N.J.
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