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Woman In costume reads in the Children's Room at the Morris County Library in October, 1984.

Chatham Township evening stop, 1st in Morris County, in back of Township Hall, June 7, 1961. From left to right: Mrs. H. W. Stockfleth, Library Commission Member; Mayor John C. Albrecht; Mrs. Jane E. Terney and Mrs. Marion G. Rodecki, library staff…

Whippany resident Donna Redfield stands at the Anniversary Sign at the Morris County Library in September, 1972.

Crowded Day.jpg
Adults and children crowd the bookmobile in search of their favorite books, in 1963.

We Read on the license plate, with E. Ward Emery Parsippany Trustee in the parking lot at the Morris County Library, May, 1983.

Sign announces the arrival of the new automated circulation system at the Morris County Library, June 1980.

Patrons wait to use the photocopy machine at the Morris County Library.

Karen G. with the vinyl record collection in the Music & Arts Department at the Morris County Library, 1985.

Interior view of front lobby and card catalog at the Morris County Library, 1968.

View of the Morris County Library taken from East Hanover Avenue, in December, 1973.
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