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Patrons visiting Library Headquarters, (balcony), at the Courthouse in Morristown, N.J.

The Adult Reading Room at the new building of the Morris County Library in November, 1968.

Adult Reading Room with photocopy service in the new building at the Morris County Library, November, 1968.

Adult Reading Room with tables in the new building of the Morris County Library, November, 1968.

An after school lesson in the Peck School Library on the Chinese exhibit with Mrs Lichtenstein, January 12, 1946.

A book presentation at the Morris County Library Open House, November 4, 1973.

Installation of the Morris County Library Anniversary sign in September, 1972.

Winter view of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, as seen from the front parking lot of the Morris County Library in 1987.

Architectural model of the new building, Morris County Library.

David R. Stivers, Archivist for Nabisco, Inc., and Denise Kolber, Morris County Free Library Reference Librarian, with the painting "Serious Business" by Frank B. Hoffman. Research at MCFL led to the identification of an ad art collection valued at…
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