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mobile library to suburbia.jpg
Town residents returning books at their local bookmobile stop in a neighbor's driveway.

Mrs Tenney on DBS.jpg
Mrs. Tenney at Direct Bookmobile Stop (DBS), with patrons book hunting.

Three patrons laughing, bookmobile interior in Morris County N.J.

child reading.jpg
Child reading "What Is A Fish?" in the Children's books section of the bookmobile, 1971.

Daily Record article published on December 11, 1999 describing the addition being constructed

Group of children and adults on lawn in front of Morris County Free Library Bookmobile Service.

Bookmobile Service, stop on street with Registration table, large crowd, baby strollers, not dated, location unknown.

Side view of three different bookmobiles of Morris County Free Library, in parking lot, 1960.

The County Library moved back into renovated quarters October 1956. New Bookmobile, the 8th since the beginning of Library Extension Services in Morris County in 1922. The County Jail is next door with County Library Bookmobile in the driveway…
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