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Colonial Church on the old King's Highway which passes through Middletown, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "Hi Sis & Laird. I found the blueberry (birthday) pie recipe after you left. It was under the tablecloth". December 8, 1983.

Quaker Meeting House at Shrewsbury, N.J. In 1672, the Quakers established a meeting in Shrewsbury and at that time, the Quaker religion was the most important religion in this area. A brick meeting house was built in 1727, and the present Quaker…

An Aerial View Of Shrewsbury, N.J. Historic homes and churches at Broad Street and Sycamore Avenue. In the 17th century, this crossroad was the center of what was called Shrewsbury Towne.

Presbyterian Church at Shrewsbury, N.J. was settled in 1665 by Quakers and ' pious people resembling Presbyterians'. Whie services were held from the beginning, the formal organization of a Presbyterian Church occurred about 1732. In 1750, this…

The Allen House, Shrewsbury, N.J. - the oldest standing building in Shrewsbury bears the date 1667, and is on the northwest side of the four corners. The Allen House served as a tavern during the Revolutionary War, and was the scene of one of the…

Artillery Manoeuvres, New Jersey State Camp, Sea Girt, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. Signed Minnie. July 23, 1906.

Mess Hall, State Camp, Sea Girt, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "Its lovely here, Minnie". July 23, 1909(?).

Rumson Road, Rumson, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "Love & best wishes for Easter from all-".
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