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Kelly's Residences, Millington, N.J. "Just a line to tell you you can call for your meat at Joes". December 11, 1914.

Stone Crusher, Millington, N.J. "Dear Otto, Since you have not been over lately to see the Crusher I send you the picture of it". November 21, 1906.

Stone Crusher, Millington, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "Dear Bud, ... Pa never sent you no tooth powder .. ". August 12, 1916.

The Bridge from Kelly's Estate, Millington, N.J. "How is everything in Tabor now days, did you hear about me getting a black eye ...". August 23, 1914.

Coriell Building & Post Office, Millington, N.J.

Passaic River, Millington, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. Dear Brother, Came home last night". August 19, 1914.
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