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Stereoscopic view of a map of Morristown N.J. Image is faded. Front and back view of card. "L.E. Pierson Dealer in Groceries & Provisions .. ".

Morristown and Vicinity Stereoscopic view of Avenue House.

Denville Train Station, with billboards behind station. One reads Staigreen Lawn Seed, Stumpp & Walter Co. Some of the snow in the foreground has been blackened out.

Open land and waterway in Denville. The snow in the foreground has been blackened out.

Denville Public Library before moving to new Denville Memorial Library. A member of the County library staff talks over matters with a village librarian.

Union Hill House Station: Mrs. Joy (left in front) and Miss Edith L. Smith, County Librarian by the Bookmobile. Picking up books for the Victory Book Campaign, which had been left by neighbors at a house station.

The County Librarian changes the books at a house station. Union Hill Library Station (in a home) with Mrs. Walter Joy and Miss Edith L. Smith, County Librarian.

The exterior of the Denville Memorial Library.

Denville Public Library located in the old public school, now demolished.

Greetings from St. Francis Health Resort, Denville, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "I am feeling much better, but will only stay a week". September 11, 1914.
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