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A view of the lake, probably Lenape/Indian.

Union Hill House Station: Mrs. Joy (left in front) and Miss Edith L. Smith, County Librarian by the Bookmobile. Picking up books for the Victory Book Campaign, which had been left by neighbors at a house station.

Photograph taken of the Righter Store on Morris Street, Morristown, NJ. below the Lackawanna Railroad Station. Depicts clapboard store with porch, four people on porch; sign says Restaurant, Quick Lunch, Boarding House.

Greetings from St. Francis Health Resort, Denville, N.J. Front and back view of postcard. "I am feeling much better, but will only stay a week". September 11, 1914.

Rockaway River Country Club with the Diamond Spring Inn in the background, in 1922.

Joseph B. Righter's first property, showing dam in 1922.

Indian Lake? Written on back of photograph: "Office where Beach is now",

Morris Canal, Peers Lock, Lock No. 8, Denville in 1902.

Stereoscopic view of a map of Morristown N.J. Image is faded. Front and back view of card. "L.E. Pierson Dealer in Groceries & Provisions .. ".

Behind the A&P Shopping Center, looking toward the center of town in 1922.
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