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Girl with dog in parking lot of Direct Bookmobile Stop (DBS), in Chatham Township, 7-9 PM, Wednesdays, Summer 1963.

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Boy at the door of bookmobile, Chatham Township High Schook, Wednesday evenings, 7-9 PM, Summer, 1963.

Bookmobile in a Chatham Township parking lot with two boys outside. Direct Bookmobile Stop (DBS) Chatham Township, 7-9PM Wednesdays, Summer, 1963.

Chatham Township High School, Wednesday evenings 7-9 PM, Summer 1963.

Chatham Township evening stop, 1st in Morris County, in back of Township Hall, June 7, 1961. From left to right: Mrs. H. W. Stockfleth, Library Commission Member; Mayor John C. Albrecht; Mrs. Jane E. Terney and Mrs. Marion G. Rodecki, library staff…

Morris County Free Library Bookmobile Service, Chatham Township Direct Bookmobile Stop (DBS), 7-9 PM Wednesdays, Summer 1963.

The driver and the librarian of (Chatham) Township Bookmobile, February 26, 1972. Photograph featured in the Chatham Courier.
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