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Exterior photograph of the Butler Public Library, taken for their Annual Report in 1968.

Children help Librarian carry books, front steps of the Butler Library in 1949.

Exterior view of the Butler Public Library from the street.

Exterior of Butler Library with sign indicating hours open and the closed legal holidays.

In front of Butler Library.jpg
Six patrons visit the bookmobile parked in front of the Butler Public Library in the winter of 1949.

Mrs. Mabel G. Ogden, Librarian and her assistant at desk, 1959.

Local, county and state officials were on hand to celebrate the grand opening of the new Butler Library off Ace Road. From left are Councilman Joseph Falkoski, Dean Gallo {R-26], Rolph Loveys [R-26], Morris County Freeholder Alex DeCroce, Councilman…

Mrs. Mabel G. Ogden, Librarian and her assistant, 1959.

Mrs. Ogden and Mr. Bodner inside the Butler Library with women browsing and a child reading at a desk. Mural on back wall, 1953.

Children study at the table, others read in the stacks.
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