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young reader.jpg
Young reader with The Big Golden Animal ABC book, 1963.

Two toddlers inside bookmobile, one with book, one with doll, 1961.

Toddlers on floor with books and woman seated in bookmobile, 1961.

man with glasses.jpg
Man with glasses and various others, interior of bookmobile.

child reading.jpg
Child reading "What Is A Fish?" in the Children's books section of the bookmobile, 1971.

checking the map.jpg
Woman in bookmobile checks the map of bookmobile stops within Morris County, N.J.

brother sister.jpg
Brother and sister with books inside bookmobile, Madison, N.J.

Four Women standing and browsing for books, bookmobile interior.

2 girls reading.jpg
Two girls reading, with a boy looking for books, interior of bookmobile at Brookside School, July 25, 1950.
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