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Morris County Free Library Bookmobile in 1935, a Dodge.

red bookmobile.jpg
A 1950 Red Ford Vanette Bookmobile parked at the Morris County Free Library, located at the Courthouse in Morristown N.J. in 1967.

green bookmobile.jpg
The green bookmobile of the Morris County Free Library, parked at a stop.

Two toddlers inside bookmobile, one with book, one with doll, 1961.

Woman rushes to enter the bookmobile.

handing the keys.jpg
Man hands woman the keys to the bookmobile,

boy at door.jpg
Boy at the door of bookmobile, Chatham Township High Schook, Wednesday evenings, 7-9 PM, Summer, 1963.

Bookmobile in a Chatham Township parking lot with two boys outside. Direct Bookmobile Stop (DBS) Chatham Township, 7-9PM Wednesdays, Summer, 1963.

Three patrons laughing, bookmobile interior in Morris County N.J.

Girl from Boonton.jpg
Girl from Boonton takes a seat on the back fender of the Bookmobile at the Powerville School in Boonton Township, December 1947.
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