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The Bulletin, Second Presbyterian Church, Oxford, N.J. by A.G. Yount, Minister. June 9, 1935. Excerpt of Sermon "The Cloud of Witnesses".

"Liberty Corner And It's [sic] Church", Liberty Corner N.J. A History Of The Community And The United Presbyterian Church 1722-1969, by Alice Lare.

Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, N.J., November 11th to November 18th, 1928. Special service. Order of worship, and a brief history by Charles A. Philhower. William K. McKinney, Minister.

Historic First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, N.J. Church of the Founding Fathers of New Jersey, Rev. Raymond L. Wallace, Minister. Brochure, 1963.

Sturdy As The Oak and Still Growing! - The Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge, N.J., 1961-1966, written by Dorothy Loa McFadden (1966).

First Presbyterian Church, Metuchen N.J., 200th Anniversary Celebration. 1787-1987. Special service, order of worship, historical notes, pew rents.

One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary Old First Church On The Green, Bloomfield N.J. 1796 - 1946. Pastor: Rev. John Pitts.

150th Anniversary, First Presbyterian Church, Caldwell, N.J. 1784-1934. Special service, history, elders of the church. Also included, newspaper article, "Congregation's Second Pastor Was Father of Grover Cleveland".

Photocopy of the Church Manual for the Members of the Presbyterian Church, New Providence, N.J. January 1, 1834. Contains lists of elders and communicants. Published by the Genealogical Society of New Jersey in 1982.

Directory of the Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church located on Lewis Street in Phillipsburg, N.J., Rev. Benjamin Webster Gilbert, minister. Christmas, 1933. Brief history, list of members.
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